Monday, July 23, 2012


 I can see why people who live in NYC are said to live 3 years longer on average...the walking!
 I saw what I went to see.......look at dem boots ladies:)
This place was a few blocks from Central Park (the best place EVER) and we have never had such awesome pizza! Real olives...I've never had REAL olives on my pizza before. It was out of a coal oven and crispy..yumm.. You would think we live in a cave we were so excited. We even loved watching all the pigeons. They are such beautiful birds but they made me miss my chickens.

This trip was for my oldest son's 13th birthday. I can't believe I've been a Mom so long. I booked us bus tickets on MegaBus but I messed up so badly:( The web site was really confusing...really..our tickets ended up being for 9:25 PM not AM...So, we drove down to Suffern and took NJ Transit. It made things more confusing because we've never been on trains. We got used to the subway (though the fumes down there made me feel sick), and took the train back up without any problem once we knew what we were doing.

I have to say one very important thing about NYC... those people are SOOOOO nice! We kept having to ask for help, and a few times we weren't even asking..people just asked us if we needed help. They called us "family"..."after you Family" we heard getting off the train. Everything was served with a smile and a nice chat. I was so impressed. There was nothing scary at all about being there. Well, I didn't like the area down on Canal street at all. We took the subway down to see the site of the WTC and I wish we had stayed up by Times Square and Central Park. (don't buy ice cream down there..$24 and plastic tasting shells) You couldn't walk with all the handbags on blankets on the ground. They shouldn't be allowed to block so much of the walk. Speaking of that...I was very surprised by the complete lack of diversity of stuff for sale. I wanted to see some cool crafty stuff, but it was all the same..same scarves, same pictures, same sunglasses...the same at every table. And OMG wear a sign that says you don't want to ride a bike if you are near the entrances of Central Park. They were very nice about it, but we were asked like 100 times. My husband was getting a bit tired of that.

We enjoyed this trip so much that it won't be long before we go again...I'll just make sure I get the right MegaBus tickets! It's a bit of a trip for takes us 1 1/2 hours to Albany and the bus trip is 3 hours. That will give me some knitting time though. I can't wait to go again.