Monday, September 9, 2013

Moving Fun


After 6 years of a million started and abandoned hobbies, with 4 kids worth of toys and "stuff", and a slight book hoarding problem this isn't going to be an easy move. My husband and I have both moved about 50 times between us....but that was before kids and sooo much STUFF. How does this happen??? It was so easy when I was in the Air Force..they loaned you furniture and sent packers to help and move you. Life was so easy then...alas now we have big heavy sofas,bulky appliances, awkward electronics, and outdoor play-sets that took a day to put together that we have to move in separate trips. Local moves can seem more difficult then the moves across country.

We are all very excited about the new house. We are 6 people living in a 3 bedroom ranch. Yes, I love my house, but it's time. After years of working on renovations I have the kitchen of my dreams. The kids feel lonely out here though. We are moving to the next town over and I'm sacrificing my chickens and gardens so the kids can ride bikes to friends houses and we can take family walks after dinner. We can't do that where we live now. Did I mention the 6 people in 3 bedrooms??? Our new house has 6 bedrooms. The girls will share...but we'll have our own craft/sewing room and my husband gets his dreamed of "man cave". That's nice.

My wonderful husband felt hesitant because he knows how much I love the hobbies I've built up living here. He paid me such a great compliment and I appreciate him. He said that one of my strengths is that I can adapt so easily and I'll  move on and find new things that I love. I'm adaptable. I reminded him that it's also nice to hear that I'm pretty, or better yet, "sexy" with prompting he said those things too:) You have to tell them what you want to hear sometimes....there's nothing wrong with that. I'm ready to move on and become a "Towny". (of course my garage quail will be our secret;) )

We'll have lots more writing, crafts, sewing, soap making, cooking, baking, decorating, furniture refinishing, see I can find new things to keep busy. Oh yeah, and of course the 4 kids. The new house needs a lot of updating. That's how we like a house. My husband and I could sit for days talking about wall colors. He'll paint a wall 4 times if he likes a different color a little bit more. The kitchen is old and needs a wall removed and all that fun stuff. We LOVE that! A bonus to that is that it made a big house in a perfect neighborhood with some of the best schools in the state affordable to us.

On to the next chapter of our life. Thank you Infinite Universe.