Monday, June 20, 2011

The Summer of the Camper begins.

For Father's Day we bought ourselves an empty shell of an aluminum trailer. We pick it up today after we get a ball for the truck. I think it's 12'. Really, it's a shell. No door, missing a few windows, missing a back wall, no walls (the metal shell and a wood frame in parts) holes in the floor... we have imagination on this. The kids will be shocked at first and think we are crazy, but they will learn that we are crazy and they need to appreciate that:) Our focus is going to be making it a tiny house. We are using the hard wood floor bits we have left over and other things from the house. We want to focus on being as green as we can, thrifty, and super high quality at the same time. We also have to keep weight in mind since we do want to travel with this. Oh, and it has to house 6 of us. We have tons of house repairs to make, but we also needed to have something to get excited about together. This is the perfect project. My husband is an artist and he stayed up late dreaming of how to paint the outside...he's still thinking about the "Super Pickle". I love him, I'm OK with anything he comes up with, even a family of pickles. I can't believe how exciting this is!! I'm ready to get rid of everything and live in a 12' trailer with 4 kids....well, maybe. I'll have to think more about this perhaps. Regardless, we have tons of family fun ahead of us.