Sunday, August 28, 2011

Salsa from the garden

I have my fingers crossed. I've never canned anything before. There are hundreds of tomatoes in my garden that are only there because they wanted to be. I kept some old plants there from last year when I got lazy and depressed that I didn't get any tomatoes out of all those plants I grew from seed. They all got the early blight and I didn't get them all bagged. I know I should have, but it got late and I had two babies under 2 1/2 years old. I pushed them all out of the way and planted broccoli in the box and figured that I just wouldn't grow tomatoes for a few years. To my surprise the seeds from the rotten tomatoes completely took over and I have huge bushes of Roma tomatoes that fill at least the 4'x8' area. HUNDREDS of tomatoes all completely perfect! My other plants over the coop did get the late blight and I bagged the up except for one that was covered in tomatoes. The plant is pretty dead, but the tomatoes are perfect. I'm not kidding, not a spot, sweet and perfect. The plants that seeded them selves....totally healthy...the only plants that did NOT get the late blight the other gardens did.

I'm pretty new at gardening and I never have time to do what I want to out there, but I know this isn't what I expected. It's my best tomato year ever! So, now I need to do something with them and Salsa is one thing my kids will eat every day. I found a great site:

My tomatoes await.... fresh out of the ice water.... so exciting..:)