Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Lovelys

 Dove is a Buff Brahma and the sweetest little thing! We had 2 Lt. Brahmas for a while but they were crazy. Our favorite was a Lt. Brahma named Bunny and she was wonderful except she turned so mean on both sets of the babies and we thought she might actually kill someone. I really wanted to be able to put them all together and saw that if she was gone they get along without me having to keep the babies in the tractor or the rabbit hutch I use for "isolation". We gave her to our friend who had given us the babies. They love her so everyone is happy. She is a great pet and a great layer. I guess being in a new family brought the bossiness down a bit. The 2 little Lt. Brahmas were impossible to catch. We keep chickens as pets and they aren't good pets if you can't catch them! They were so flighty that the others would beat them up to try to calm them down. We see this with Reba who gets a bit crazy to get that coop window seat.
 Yorkie is a Barred Rock...named Yorkie because we thought she was the Dominique and that's an old American breed and we live in New son choose the name..I went along with it. She is so soft, but not as soft as our Dominique Betty. OMG..Betty is the softest most cuddly girl. Beautiful..just beautiful! I never want to be without one. She is brave and friendly. Love:)
 This is one of our Faveorilles Lemonade inside the coop. I'm happy using the deep litter method. I use the DE and it never smells at all and they are happy all winter in upstate gets coooold up here.
 This is my baby. Lily is the one chicken I will have to take with us when we move next year. She is a Golden Laced Wyandotte and she is the only chick I've ever had that come running to me at this young age. We picked her because she jumped up on my husbands chair. She snuggles and I bring her inside to just sit with me. She is my favorite hen ever!
This is my daughters baby Lemonade. She has actually become a bit flighty now. She had sooo much love in the beginning but now she has lost a lot of that calmness. I think it might be that she is low in the pecking order and she does get chased a bit by the other hens. So sad, it seems like the best pets have a harder time dealing with the others.