Monday, December 10, 2012

NYC in One Day

Rockefeller Center Tree
 I have never seen so many people in one place doing nothing in my whole life! It was wonderful!  Scary, but wonderful. There was a time when we were leaving that I wasn't being moved by my own effort...simply pushed along in the crowd. I didn't like that, but strangely, my oldest son did. He is convinced he wants to live in NYC. He's the boy who doesn't like the crowd at the mall, but increase that 100 times and stick him in the city and he's in heaven. I don't get it. What I liked is that people were happy. We were all there to see the Christmas tree, how could there not be an overall atmosphere of cheer?
Brynt Park....LOVE it!!
We took a bus through the school with the money going to support the Fine Arts Boosters. I'd support that cause over any other with the school. They waste so much money yet don't support what, I believe, is the most important aspect of school...the HUMANities. Art, band, choir, drama....the stuff that makes us human. That being said, I would never take a tour bus again. Next time...we drive in to find a train. My husband and I are both sensitive to chemicals and you simply can't ride in close quarters with 60 people and not expect the bus to fill up with conflicting perfumes and third hand cigarette smoke. It was hard to breeth and I felt sick the whole 5 hours each way. I wish people would hold off on perfume when they know they will be in confined spaces.
My little monkey.

My handsome husband<3
this is my BABY 13
The best Christmas souvenir! Portraits of both my boys. Amazing!
I really wanted real NYC diner food...but the meal would have been over $80..for burgers.
Our new tradition..Angelo's Pizza every time...57th St. 2 blocks from Central Park.