Thursday, October 7, 2010

Soggy Chickens

They took Guiding Light off the TV so I had to find some drama in my life. I find myself wondering around waiting for 3:00 to come so I can see what in the world in going on with Reva. I'm lost.....what do you do when your friends of 25 years just up and leave you? How could they do that? I gave them the best years of my life!

In 6th grade my Amish friends and I would run across the street to the Hardware / Everything store in our little Ohio town. They had the TV's all set to CBS and were waiting for us. They welcomed us because, I believe, we gave them such a wonderful excuse to follow the stories along with us. You have to imagine a small Amish town with a diner, a small grocery, a bank, a number of churches, and, well, that's about all. My middle school friends and I loved these old guys. Sometimes they would act like they were surprised to see us. Really? 5 days a week as soon as the bell rang we would be standing in the aisle of the store. They would be standing behind us making cute little comments about the show. I was convinced that Stan, the owner, had a wicked crush on Reva....they all did didn't they?

My husband never gave me a hard time about watching my stories. He's a therapist...he KNOWS stuff:) There was some report that indicated that people that watched these stories and had that drama and connection to these soap opera people were actually more likely to be well-adjusted. Really, he read that. That's all I needed. Actually I didn't need I said, this was a 25 year relationship I just lost.

The good news - I have chickens in my backyard. After a year and a half of free entertainment and healthy organic free range eggs I am convinced that anyone with a square of a yard should have chickens. Aside from really wanting to eat local organic foods they are just fun. Ok, they do poop a lot. I don't love it when they poop on the patio. It seems like they want to come into the house. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact I bring treats:)

The group dynamics of the clutch bring me angst as well as enjoyment. If you have never had chickens, you may not realize how different their personalities can be. Lacy is my Reva. Yes, she can be a bit rough around the edges. The other girls don't always love her, but I do. There's no rooster in my coop, so that keeps out some of the drama. There are however predators. Meat eating, viscous, hungry, animals rooming around the neighborhood waiting for a chance to catch one of my lovely ladies. They are after all - meat.

work in progress.......