Friday, October 15, 2010

Coyote Attack

This was the first time that I've ever been scared for my safety because of a wild animal. When I ran out the door to see why my chickens were going crazy I saw a flash of red and thought it was a fox. Jumpers, being true to her name, tried to fly/jump to the roof right at our front door. When she fell back to the ground what I thought was a huge fox--now I know it was a coyote, grabbed her in its mouth and went running. I ran out the door and almost grabbed the thing with my bare hands I was so close.

When I used to live in Colorado I read often that when you came across a Bob Cat you were supposed to yell and be all crazy. This is something I'm very good at. I figured that's what you do with any animal and it worked. I chased the coyote with my dear Jumpers in its mouth and Jumpers was dropped as they crossed the road. This was all good until I saw this magnificent reddish brown coyote turn around and stare at me. I had only seen the fluffy dark tail with the black tip until this time...when it was heading in the opposite direction of me. Now this picture postcard looking animal was in full pose looking at me eye to eye. My God this was a beautiful animal. I do have to say though that next time we meet I do plan on having a gun.

My sons and I looked it up and saw cases where coyotes have taken off kids. One article spoke of a two year old taken from the sand box. Well, I have a two year old...and a one year old and I do let them sit in the sand box while I garden a few feet away. Another article spoke of a coyote killing a Maltese dog and my little Coton - Tzu runs around the yard all the time. So, needless to say, this animal has spooked me. It would be one thing if it was a night time attack, but it was just before 5 P.M.. Time for a bee-bee gun. My sons are thrilled to end about that.