Thursday, May 31, 2012

Too busy with Chicks for Crafts

I hate to admit that I'm waiting for a rainy day so we can get back to crafting. It seems I ripped my rotatee cup or something like that...I meet with an orthopedic surgeon soon. That leaves me out of gardening for a bit. I must have done it throwing rocks. My girls are too captivated with the baby chicks to want to come inside. We only got 4 from a friend this year, but two of them are Faverolle chicks. I have never in my life seen such easy going holdable chicks!
Luna will put her "Lemonade" on her lap and she will just sit there nicely and go to sleep. I would half think a panic coma, but the little bird lets her catch her and gets carried around for hours. I have to tell them both to put the chicks down enough to let them eat. These are some very very well chicks!
The other two are a Dominique and a Barred Rock. Both are very sweet, but a bit flighty and nothing like the two Faverolle chicks. I think we are hooked.
Look how cute these chicks are!