Friday, October 5, 2012

Rabid Fox!

I took this picture actually about 2 months ago on the next corner up from us. I may have posted about it that we would have hit the poor thing with our truck if all the kids weren't with us. It was so sad. It was clearly in pain and rubbing it's face on the road and I just wanted to cry. Other cars had come up and around here I expected someone in one of those cars had a hunting rifle or something. This was one of those times you kind of go on, feeling sad, but not knowing what to do. I've called the DEC before about coyotes and they have just told us to shoot them. Well, that's no help at all.

It's been on the news now that we are having a rabies problem with foxes, racoons, and something else I can't remember. Maybe groundhog??? I did hear about a poor cat, but that wasn't in our town. It's scary to have pets that you let outside. I can't keep our older cat in the house because he'll sit and hide and run whenever the door opens. Little Dog is fine with not going much away from the front door, but even that isn't the safest with rabies around.

So, my chickens have to stay in the tractor because I'm still freaked about the hawk attack and now I'm worried about my cat. This is life in the NY wild?