Thursday, March 28, 2013

Big Kid Sleep Overs - Oatmeal Bar

I've posted before about enjoying having my kids have their friends come over in my post about being the “Hang Out House”. One thing about kids….boys in particular… is that they like to eat. I’m trying to sway my kids away from the processed cereals for breakfast. I switched to the ones I believe are healthy a long time ago, but organic or not, high in fiber or not, they are still boxed processed cereals. We try to eat a lot of Old Fashion Oatmeal for breakfast. My kids love it, so I figured it might work for sleepovers too. It was a hit. I was actually told that I made the best oatmeal ever! What Mom doesn’t love to hear that? Granted, it’s oatmeal and I can’t take any credit for it…still.. I’ll take a complement when it comes. It was all in the presentation.

 This was our selection for the morning:

Cut bananas and strawberries
canned peaches  ( a huge hit!)
brown sugar
almond slivers (my favorite)

That's it. Super easy. All I had to do was cook the oatmeal and the kids did the rest. I like the easy part. My son had 3 friends over and I really didn't feel like making a million pancakes...because when you have 5 hungry boys that's how many pancakes you need....a million. Oatmeal...much easier:)

Edit:  One of my favorite blogs just posted an amazing amount of information on ways to make oatmeal. I wish I had seen it a long time ago:)  You'll want to see this. Check out Modern Messy Kids at

Is breakfast ready yet Mom?