Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Fox Friend

We really don't live in the wild. It's actually considered a town here and there is a trailer park next door. There are a lot of fields around us though. We've had a skunk at the front door, a  raccoon in the hen house, at least 3 coyotes I could pick out of a line up, and now we saw the owner of the mystery footprints.  My boys and my husband were out clearing the two feet of snow from the drive way when Brandon yelled "Coyote". When ever we see anything now we think that's what it kids are afraid to be out alone.

I was looking out the window since one of my daughters was out with them and frankly they are all just so damn cute out there together. It wasn't a coyote this time but a beautiful red fox. I didn't get the best look at at, but my husband did. We gather around the computer to find pictures and verify exactly what we see. I don't mind a fox in the yard except for the fact I have 4 chickens and am boarding another one for a friend. They are safe in the winter lodgings, but a fox so small could fit right into the poop door if it wanted to. I need reinforcement for sure.

All the posts I've read said a fox wouldn't go after my dog. My dog is only a 10 pound fluff ball though, so I still want to be careful. Cricket is the most wonderful companion I've ever had in my life. She's a Coton De' Tuleua and Shitz Tzu hybrid. She just wants to be with me and after having her I'd never go back to hunting breeds. She's just the perfect type of dog to have with little girls and to sit with you while you are on the computer. Just wild enough to be exciting but calm enough to be perfect. For now I shake a loud tambourine thing my husband got from Omega before I  let her out. I think it would scare off anything that may be out there.