Monday, January 31, 2011

Say No to bottled water..PLEASE

Wow, my husband and I just watched "Tapped" on our Net Flix. All I can say is "WOW". I've always known buying water in a bottle was a waste of money and that not enough people recycle the bottles, but I just never saw how bad it really was. We use a Britta..actually I think I have a Pure filter on the facet right now. (the stupid casing has a crack in it after only changing the filter once..I won't buy one of those again!) We've also been using stainless drink bottles for a couple of years now. We've been doing that because we have made the choice to be as green as we can, but also because I am as thrifty as I can be. With 4 kids you have to be. I was a single mom with my two sons for 7 years, so believe me when I say that I know how to save money.

This film is such a must see for everyone. My family is going to take this on as our cause. Everyone needs something to fight for and honestly we've been looking for something we can sink our teeth in to. We'll start with school. My youngest son in in a good number of sports and if we bring the cooler and recycled paper cups we might be able to save some bottles every week just by supplying water to the teams. We'll keep thinking on this.

If anyone reads me just ranting, please please please join us and swear off bottled water.