Friday, November 9, 2012

I Did It!!! I opened an Etsy Shop

I know it's not much yet, but I wanted to take the first step. I need motivation. I have a million ideas and projects started in my studio but now that it's getting cold I thought it was a perfect time to start off with these. I keep trying to get my husband to wear a scarf..because I like the idea of him wearing something I make with love to keep him warm...such a romantic notion anyway. The man would freeze before he wore a scarf:( I've tried. It's time I give up but I love making these. I have bamboo knitting needles and I find that if I knit all winter and take my flax seed oil pills I can keep my fingers from becoming too tight. Am I actually getting this old???? Arggg.

Now that it's official and I did all the filling stuff out to get a shop I will be able to focus more. I'm like that. It's that first step that really gets me sometimes. Anyone else have that problem?

I have looming student I figure every bit sure helps. This Etsy Shop is dedicated to my 7+ years in college to make me a "highly qualified" housewife. (that's teacher talk for jumping through hoops)

Here's my shop")     

I LOVE this yarn!

I listed them for $12 because that was the low end of any others that I saw and I'm just starting out. I would love to hear comments about this since I'm just learning. They are long at 60"-68" because I like to really wrap them around my face. I won't be making many of these because I have my hands full around here, but I do have indoor soccer practice once a week. That's my "me-time". I sit on a cold, hard gym floor and knit. Hey, it's something. I can't complain.

Have a great day!  Julie