Thursday, November 8, 2012

Retro Pen Holder

 Spoiler Alert......beep beep...Spoiler Alert....... (some in our family MAY be getting these for Christmas)

We are making all our gifts this year. I'm putting the kiddos to work and bribing them with a hidden bag of Dum Dums on my craft shelf. Hey it works:) Even the boys will do anything for a simple lolly pop when you deprive them enough. Really..that's true and those that know me know I'm serious.

I like the Progresso soup cans because they open with a pull tab and don't have sharp edges...but what ever works for you. My 13 year old son eats soup for breakfast.....he decided he doesn't like cereal this semester...OK then...

I made these when I was a kid and I always loved the cork look. We used to use wine bottles.....always had them laying around..:) I made a few bottle lamps "back in the day" by drilling holes in the bottom and buying a light bulb kit. I should do that again now that I think of it.

That's just masking tape. There aren't a lot of instructions with this. I would remind you though that the cool texture look is better when there are more ripped sides of the tape. My youngest can't rip the masking tape yet. She did want to do it herself help here please! So I ripped pieces of tape and as she went I kept her fully stocked on the top of the can. That allowed her to do it herself. My 9 year old son really enjoyed this. It's harder to find crafts for my boys, so anytime I "can" I love it. (giggle...yes, I crack myself up..)

My son especially loved the shoe polish. I like the kind with the sponge on top. Don't worry...there was no mess with this. You can't complain about that! Once the polish dried we used glue to secure strips of material onto the top and bottom. The material was folded in on the top and bottom and covered the bottom completely to keep it softer on the table. For this one we used a dinosaur print...because this is a very "manly" pen holder. My daughters choose to not use the shoe polish but used paint instead. (pink...go figure)

These can be nicely embellished with ribbon, bows, glued on beads....girl it up or boy it down...either way they can make very nice gifts. I'll talk more about our Christmas plans in my next few posts..but it's all homemade and all about family. I don't want to see Christmas sales starting November 1st...arg.....where is the spirit in that??? That's it Mr. Mega Retail....we aren't spending any money this year!

Cute, useful, cost...$0.25 for masking tape for the center + scraps. Value of teaching kids to spend time making something for someone they love....$100,000,000.
What do you think?  We are always looking for ideas.