Monday, February 14, 2011

Here come the Chicks!

In one week we'll have 25 baby brown egg laying chicks! Yea!!!! I just couldn't make a decision this year so I went with the assortment from McMurry. I was just going to get maybe 5 from Tractor Supply this year, but, well, I just couldn't help myself. I have to build a new coop for any chicks that I get anyway, so I might as well build big. I figure that with more chickens huddled together over the winter I could keep them outside in the coop instead of bringing them into the garage. I do love being able to go down there, but I'm so not looking forward to the clean up. I don't want my husband to even go down there right now.

One more week....I'll get my brooder together today. I use the big storage tubs for the first week, but I'll have a big box for them after that. The first few weeks from 90 degrees to 70 and they don't need the lamp any more is the hardest. I've never lost a chicken though, so luck is with me. My last batch was from Stromberg though, and my Dad recommended them. I've heard good things about McMurry on the boards and I got the extra gel stuff for when they arrive. I'm a bit nervous . Last year I only kept 12 after the first day. I'll need a whole lot more room this year. Fun! My kids can't wait.