Monday, February 21, 2011

One more day till the chicks are here!

I'm excited and my normal nervous about my chicks getting here in the morning. It's so much colder this time around. I got my last order in May 2 years ago. It was warmer and I only kept half of them. I'm planning on keeping all 25 this time. Well, we'll see how my coop designs go actually. My plan was 16'x4' to match the one I all ready have. That's good for about 15 with the nice run attached to it. I do let them hang out in the yard with me while I'm out there, but after the past fall and the coyote attacks I doubt they will free range as much as my other girls were used to. They haven't been happy about not getting out, but I think they still have memory of the attacks. Jumpers has been more affectionate since I saved her.

Ok, I'm ready. I hope I'm ready. I've never lost a chick and I don't plan to. I ordered the special Quick Start Gel stuff this time and I'll trust they will all be happy. OK, I'm ready!