Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My chicks are here:)!!

I can't think of anything as cute (except my own babies that is) than a box full of peeping chicks. I have 21 chicks on my dinning room table right now. Yes, sadly 21. We lost 4 and there are 2 that I can't allow myself to hold out high hopes for. I've been dipping their beaks about half hour into the Quick Start that I got with them. I did see one eat a bite of food, but Little Gray won't even swallow the water. I'm doing my best. The last time I got a chick shipment we had a few that didn't look well and we were sure we would lose them. It all worked and we have never lost a chicken up to this point. I'm wondering if it is just that I ordered early and the trip was too much for them or if the hatchery wasn't as good as last time. I have my fingers crossed.

I'll move them to a bigger brooder next week. I like to have them up here so I can watch them constantly. My girls are just loving them. Luna wants to hold one all the time and gets upset when I tell her that they have to sleep. She'll have so much fun with them when they are running around. I have to make the tractor big enough so the girls can be in with them. Fun times ahead:)