Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Lubba Lubba" Trail Mix

“Lubba Lubba” Trail Mix

This was named by my 2 year old daughter who walks around with a tub of this stuff whenever she can. I’m sure it’s not all that different from any other Trail Mix or ‘GORP’ but I’m including it as a reminder that having a bag of this stuff in your bag while you are out can save the day…through in an emergency juice box and you are set for a picnic at all times. It’s not messy so I’ve pulled this out everywhere you can think of and it’s even saved the day for my older kids not to mention when I’ve been pregnant I was never without food!

Just throw it all together in whatever containers you like. I reuse a clear pretzel jug and ziplock baggies. Just leave out what you need to in order to keep it gluten free.

Mini pretzels

Dry roasted peanuts lightly salted.   (watch these, I just bought some and didn’t read it first..they have MSG in them! Crazy. I keep that stuff away from my family)

Craisins – we love blueberry and cherry flavored..yummmmmm

Cheerio’s or rice Chex cereal

Almond slivers

Small amount of round candy to make digging fun if you wish. I like chocolate covered raisins because I can tell myself it’s not real candy and the dark chocolate kind has antioxidants. I can totally justify dark chocolate raisins at any time.