Friday, March 30, 2012

Paper Plate and Cotton Sheep

I love cotton crafts because little ones love the sensation of the softness. My girls treated these sheep like stuffed animals for the day. They are easy enough for the youngest of crafters. My 2 year old completed the whole project on her own. Of course I cut the head and legs out for them, but they did the gluing.

They glued the head and legs on first because our plates had a high ridge and they didn't stick out enough from the back. After they were glued on they painted the glue on with cotton swabs all over the top of the plate. We used little ones we had left over from a birthday party. Once there was glue EVERYWHERE ...and I do mean EVERYWHERE:) then they continued to stick the cotton balls (from Dollar Tree) to cover all the glue. They drew eyes on the face and they loved petting the sheep and letting them have a picnic on the living room floor on a blanket..aka our permanent picnic area.