Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Teach your daughters....

 rarely make history"

I know this, but it's something that just dawned on me that I need to teach my daughters to not always be "well-behaved"

Sometimes teaching our children to be happy adults makes them a bit hard to handle as kids we need to get to bed on time. I have to remember this when I get upset at my kids for being strong-willed. Thank goodness they are and may they always be and be full of self confidence to keep them safe and engaged in the world around them.

I've had some self-conscience girls in my classroom when I was teaching middle school and I feared for them. When you see a timid girl who needs some praise and confidence..give it to her before someone else does that will take advantage of her. I hope my girls are tough soft ball players who always know they can do their own thing and not need to follow a crowd for acceptance and would knock you out if you raised a hand to them...same with my boys of course but less of the knocking to the ground would be best:)