Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cherry Blossem Trees

 The girls really enjoyed this craft and the pictures they both made are so pretty in our art gallery.
 My boys wanted to make one too...but they actually thought I'd let them drink pop..silly boys, pop is for grown-ups:) ( I let them when we are out and "everyone" else has pop. See, I'm not that mean;P

 Evie liked the touching up...she ended up "painting" her nails by the time we were done. So pretty.
Two works of art. I love this big paper! I wish I remembered where I got it, but I was still teaching at the time so it was just part of my "collection". Man, teachers sure accumulate stuff...yes, we pay for it and we can claim up to $250/ year off on taxes...really...Please make that bigger for teachers. I don't know any teacher who doesn't spend their own money to get stuff for their students. Parents, feel free to give extra supplies to your kids' teachers:)