Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paper Weaving

This is one of my favorite teaching crafts. I prepare the card stock by folding it in half and cutting from the center to 1" from the edge. My 2 year old likes to "help" with this, but my 3 year old enjoys doing this on her own once I get her started.
We play a lot with patterns lately. All math reasoning that we do at this age is through crafts or games. I actually prefer this method for most of the elementary grades while we transition to project learning. I cut strips length wise of construction paper so they are longer and easier to handle. I use the different colors so she can work with color patterns as well as the over / under pattern. I cut my pieces to 1", but the 1/2" pieces will let you work further with your pattern.
We trimmed up the edges and it's nice as it is for hanging or a background for a cut out picture. Today she wanted to make a basket for her stuffed dog. She rolled the weaved paper and I stapled it. Then she wanted a bottom on it. It would be easier to do this first, but I cut a circle out of the card stock and cut and pleated it so it would make a circle. I folded it so I had a glue surface and pushed it in from the bottom. It worked and now "Sally" the dog has a little basket to ride around in. Life is good.

Don't forget that this is a great opportunity to work on patterns and coordination...but mostly fun:)