Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tip Toe Tulips

The key I've found to keeping my girls happy with crafting is prep work. I cut many shapes at a time and keep them in my "prep bin". When I'm feeling tired..aka lazy, I can pull stuff out of my bin and the girls can sit at our craft table at any time. They are 2 and 3..almost 4.
For my 2 year old I put the glue in an old juice or milk carton cap and give her a cotton swab to use to apply the glue. This keeps the mess down a bit and she loves to "paint". They love flower crafts and this is a nice way for them to make something they can play with. They hold the flower sticks and it's great to see them "talk" to each other....
"hello pretty flower" says Luna's flower
"hello pretty flower" says Evie's flower
"I'm the momma flower" says Evie's flower...Evie has a baby and momma everything right now:)
"no, I'm the momma flower" says Luna's flower....because this is what we do now...for EVERYTHING;)

Happy flower making